A criminological theory
In order to allow you to demonstrate your grasp of theory and the applicability of theory to policy and future research, each of you will draft an 8-10 page research paper. There are four components to the paper. First, discuss the
historical and intellectual background of the theory and its causal arguments.
Second, your paper should describe and analyze the empirical research that has sought to test those causal arguments, including how valuable the theory is at
studying crime generally, a specific category of crime [e.g. violent/personal], or a
specific type of crime [e.g. terrorism, robbery]. Third, you need to address what
you see as general issues that need to be considered in future research, but you
also need to discuss what you would study as a test of the theory. Specifically,
what would be the focus of your study in terms of the crime you would address,
and what hypotheses you would propose based on your review of the existing
literature. Fourth, you will need to address the policy implications of your theory
in terms of a prevention strategy targeting the criminal behavior that you could
develop using the provisions of the theory you chose