A Monk’s Confession:

BOOK REQUIRED: A Monk’s Confession: The Memoirs of Guibert of Nogent. Edited by Paul Archambault. ONLY THE READING OF BOOK 3 IS NEEDED FOR THE PAPER!

Read Book 3 of a Monk’s Confession and explain Guibert’s of Nogent’s account of the revolt of the city of Laon. In your paper, pay close attention the the causes of the rebellion, its progress and its outcome. Basically you need to do a close reading of book 3 and summarize Guibert’s account of the rising. Employ footnotes (or endnotes) in your paper when you cite something from the text. (Instead of MLA in text citation) Make sure the footnotes are in a smaller size than the body of your paper (10 point Times New Roman font). Avoid quoting directly from the book unless it is something pertinent to the argument that you are making. Do not employ block quotes. Instead summarize specific points of the author by using footnotes that give the page number where you extracted the information. In the first footnote, give the full citation: “Author, Title, Publisher, Place of Publication and Date of Publication, and the page number.” Thereafter in all other footnotes use merely the last name of the author, an amended title, and the page number. Above all, the paper should lay out in a succinct and meaningful way the main argument of Guibert and you should not be diverted into giving irrelevant and insignificant points that have nothing to do with the main argument. Please employ an introduction that will guide the paper and also a conclusion that summarizes your main points.


A Monk's Confession: