A vision of education in saudi arabia

To develop a detailed statement of educational beliefs relating to personal leadership characteristics and learner achievement. Your written product should address the following, with a separate heading for each element: ( choose 5 only)
• Major aims of education
• Major achievements desired of students
• Social significance of students’ learning
• Image of the learner
• Image of the teacher
• Value of curriculum
• Preferred kind of pedagogy
• Preferred kind of student-teacher relationship
• Preferred kind of school climate
• Academic and social learning outcomes
• Instructional climate
• Instructional organization
• Community involvement and resources (Items 3 & 4 in rubric)
• Institutional context
• Leadership behaviors
• Creating an inclusive culture (using appropriate methods to meet the needs of diverse school and community conditions, special populations, and involvement with persons of conflicting perspectives) (Items 1 & 6 in rubric)

The reflective portion of the platform should include the following with each section clearly labeled:
• What experiences and/or materials have influenced your development as a leader? (Item 2 in rubric)
• What are the non-negotiable values/beliefs espoused in your platform? (Item 5 in rubric)
• Would you ever be willing to compromise these beliefs? Under what circumstances? (Item 5 in rubric)
• What additional attitudes, beliefs, and values do you need to develop or refine to strengthen your leadership? (Item 5 in rubric)

Your overall platform should reflect an emphasis on developing a positive and inclusive culture, demonstrating an awareness of ethical and legal practices, collaboration with community members, use of community resources, and being mindful of social justice goals.



A vision of education in saudi arabia