Action Research: Using Process Drama in enhancing students’ composition skills
Project description
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and this essay is aimed to achieve a high level standard of work i.e. A- to A grade.

i have decided for the topic yet, but the field is about using Drama to teach English, especially for the ESL high school students in Hong Kong.

and i found that usually in HK, teachers tend to focus and teach grammar structures rather than the content during the writing lesson, therefore in the composition, students are lacking creativity and fruitful content. whereas i believe that using process drama/drama elements could involve the students into the characters, then they could have more personal experience and hence write a more comprehensive expression in the composition.

this is the idea of my action research

the research proposal should include the following parts:

1. the research question
in this part, you should identify a problem that you encountered during your teaching practice in Year 3 ( i dont know how to teach composition more effectively) and that you wish to solve. you should describe your problem and formulate a research question based on it, and explain the importance of the research question to you, your teaching and students

2. literature review

3. action plan and data collection

4. conclusion



Action Research: Using Process Drama in enhancing students' composition skills