Amazon company

Read and research during this session: "Trainer’s Note". The information you are going to include under the trainer’s note is not going to appear in your 12 slide presentation, Set up your 12 slide presentation in such a way, that you would be able to write the trainer’s note

Synopsis (5) Shouldj&j review the pricing of competition such as Boston Scientific
J&J is one of the world’s dominant Cypher? What action should Weldon Corporation to our medical devices
pharmaceutical companies. It consists take? business; Amgen and Abbott

of three strategic business units: drugs, Training Guidelines Laboratories chasing our mttiicai devices 8‘ ‘ii”tg“°stiCs> and A critical oint to establish earl d rin piiaimattutitaist anti it giobai tiiitat
Consumer products with revenues at discussionts) with our trainin iiouu isg from Consumer personal Care

$36m it is a scientific powerhouse. to et them to uzdeeeteed thge g p competitors. (3) The case demonstrates
Growth has come from drugs which imgerteeee of the iede eedee e of eh the need for constant new product
account for 61% of Operating profits) eheiee eeeeee .e business times X eefele development, understanding the power
and 47% of sales The Company Wee is ee deiiw eheee beeee e’e ehei of branding and market related pricing
achieved at least 100/o earnings growth Whiteboard. Write drugs devieee and of our prOduCts_

year after year The stock prlce has Consumer in each box gecondi Possible Solutions to the Business
tncteased 1940/0 Over the past two discuss the nature of each businieitss with Problem

years. To keep growing they must create evidenee from the ease Thirdly you The eheuee e is how ee melee the

$4 biiiioii of new business twisty Year‘ need the participants to understand that business unitgs O k to ethe effi is tl


Discussion Questions there is a limit to growth in continuing J&J will have to improie its new Y
(i) CaiiJ&J sustain its growth by 35 lndependent bnSin‘355‘35- product development and review its
keepiiieg itsDi,iidepe:ihdeii:1Opeeiatiiig iieilits Main Learning Points medical devices and consumer

se ara . 1
diigedveiteeggtéismgeieéififllgfiiiean (1) Managing a pharmaceutical buslness be1:51.n‘35:35- Tnfine 15 aedear strategellc

1 , t t

strategy? (2) How would Yon adVi5‘3 top :3 Cltiflerittét ti) most tttherlbustltttsssef due butsiirclzssoacritd l::COIIe1§)aag11s1I[I)1Ca1″CElt(:I1ISiI1:.I1t
management to achieve increased heavflf, reg./Elgitétit; ggsfeiimertlst a so business, or the other route is to
Synetgtes between the‘i&‘i busmessest agencies such as the Federal Drug nnProV‘3 tnn 5Yn‘3rgi‘35 among its

<3), what new product devtsiopiiieiit Administration This technicality business units. That will reduce costs in
t/tltetltliltitilelseSettgitfftcteigittgeteteigtgltieilieteiow Eiakes pharmaceuticals a very profitable d‘3‘e’1‘3:7Inng new d?1g5 and nnlp research

uslness due to the patent protection for an CV9 Olnnent Or new Prodnnt
operating units? (4) What do you . d 1 F all – h Id
many years. (2) A market driven CV9 oPTn‘3nt- 1n Y> n 5 On go some
Suggest managetttent Should do about business keeps a close eye on customers Cnstanne in generating tnn Mbn Of new
the tovti Contttbutton to Sales and markets and competition. This case bn5in‘355J&J needs to Sta)’ ahead Of the
Operating profit of the Consumer SBU? teaches us to review the threat of new pack.



Amazon company