An experiment to investigate a topic from of one of the approaches in psychology
A clear statement which indicates exactly which method is being used and what is being investigated in the study
3 marks
A clear and concise summary of the general aims, method, participants, results and conclusion is included and this is no longer than one paragraph (maximum 100 words)

A clear rationale for the investigation undertaken is given
Relevant psychological concepts, theories and terminology are presented clearly
These are linked with the formulation of the aim and hypothesis
Aim and Hypothesis
A clear and concise aim indicating the overall purpose of the study is stated
A clear and concise hypothesis predicting what the findings are expected to be, based on previous research, is stated and this relates to the psychology presented in the introduction

Method and Ethics
There is a clear explanation of the procedures carried out, including the method, standardized instructions, choice of participants, control of variables, the materials used and exactly what was done. There is a paragraph showing a clear understanding of ethical issues in psychological research and an explanation of the ethical issues involved in designing the study. There is an indication of how each relevant ethical consideration had been dealt with before and throughout the research.
The section is written clearly enough so that someone else could follow the instructions and replicate the study exactly 15 marks

Data is presented logically and in the clearest possible way using tables and pictorial representations as appropriate. The findings are well summarized and the main conclusions are clearly evident from the analyses provided. There is a summary statement which highlights the main findings of the research 15 marks
There is a statement indicating whether or not the hypothesis has been proven. A link has been made between the results and the psychological theory/research mentioned in the introduction. Bias in the information collected and any problems encountered in carrying out the study have been recognized, and explanations have been given into the way they might have affected the results. Suggestions for improvements to the investigation are provided and any wider implications (e.g. applications in real life) from the research are noted

Relevant raw data, stimulus material, standardized instructions, etc are included

All reference sources used are fully referenced in APA style, 5th edition, and in such a way that any reference could be followed up from the information given

General presentation of report and quality of written communication
Sections of the report have been used appropriately. Written expression is clear throughout and specialist terms have been used with a high degree of precision.


An experiment to investigate a topic from of one of the approaches in psychology