Analyze Leadership
Paper instructions:
Address the following: Both managers and leaders play important roles in an organization, but in different ways. A leader analyzes various factors that impact an organization in order to formulate visions, concepts, and ideas while a manager tends to implement the visions, concepts, and ideas of others. This assignment will help you distinguish between a manager and a leader.

Select a current or past leader from any field. Research the leader’s career using the Argosy University online library resources and the Internet. Identify the obstacles the leader faced and how he or she overcame those obstacles. Write a 3-5 page analysis and apply APA standards for writing style to your work. Include the following information:

Identify the organizational change or other change that can be attributed to this leader.

Identify the personality traits that contributed to the leader’s effectiveness.

Explain why you think this person was an effective leader, giving examples.

Did the obstacle(s) the leader faced have an influence on his or her career or leadership style?

Were the organizational changes beneficial? Did the leader persuade stakeholders to support the change?

What were some environmental factors contributing to the leader’s effectiveness?

All criteria stated above must be met with proper citations.
if it is a internet cite it must be a reliable source and have a link to that page!
No Plagiarism Please.


Analyze Leadership