The class will be randomly divided into six groups. Each group will be assigned to a life stage of childhood, i.e., 0~12 months, 12~18 months, 18~36 months, 36~72 months, 72 months to 9 years, and 9~12 years. My group is 0-12 months
Each group needs to find a video of a child in the assigned life stage from an open and free internet source (i.e. youtube, etc) (a maximum length of 8 mins). The group will make a presentation according to the video in the class. In the presentation, please discuss the visual (3 points), hearing (3 points), speaking (3 points), motor (3 points), cognitive (3 points) and social (3 points) ability of the child by comparing such abilities of an average child at the same age, and how the ability interplays (3 points); 2) your advice to the guardians (2 points). The rest two points will be given based on group performance on time management, APA format, and answering questions from the class. 
DUE: 11pm, the Thursday right before the corresponding class, submitted as a Microsoft PowerPoint or PDF file electronically via NYUClass. The policy on late submission applies. Details can be found in the syllabus.
FORMAT: first, show the video; then, present your analysis maximally for 15 mins; every member should present; in the last slide, please describe the contribution but do not present it. After the presentation, You will need to answer the questions from the class. Please use APA style for in-text citations and references. Please name your file as HB 1 FL 21 Back to Childhood Member Names


Any topic (writer’s choice)