Apple Fortune 500 Company


For the PowerPoint presentation: please remember to make use of the functions PowerPoint allows, such as a graphic background, in order to make the presentation more attractive. This is not simply a paper put onto PowerPoint slides. Black text on a white background is not great. Also, a frequent problem is overcrowding slides with text. A good rule of thumb is a maximum of 35 words per slide. Use the speaker notes function to insert any missing detail, or add source information if you want. You can also add source information to a slide or two at the end. Use APA style for that source information. Make sure to use informative supporting graphics where they will add to the presentation, such as tables, charts, and diagrams. And, as with your papers, watch grammar, spelling, and formatting.

The Final Project is to be submitted as a PowerPoint presentation of approximately 20-25 slides. Material from the Unit 4 and Unit 5 Assignments can be used to provide a background and foundation upon which to build. While the primary focus of the Final Project should be on your firm’s global operations, integrate information on the regional and national level, as well. How have they done in the past? What is their current state? What kinds of plans and possibilities do they have for the future? Is there room for improving what they do? Should new ventures be added or old ones subtracted? As you can see, the field is wide open for you to construct your project in the most relevant way you see fit.

As parts of the Final Project you are to include an 18-24 month forecast and a strategic audit (an analysis of how well the firm’s strategies have worked to date). Your conclusion should include a clear set of recommendations that are well supported. The project must include APA format references on the final slide and in-text references on the slide where information is presented. Include a minimum of three high-quality, up-to-date sources.

The two assignments attached are the information that needs to be used to complete this assignment



Apple Fortune 500 Company