apply the key ideas relevant to management theory
Paper instructions:
In an effort to help you examine your own current organizations, and apply the key ideas relevant to management theory covered in this course, you will choose one of your organizations and examine its readiness for change. You will identify the factors supporting and potentially restraining change and formulate a potential course of action. Your action plan should clearly identify and articulate strategic objectives you believe to be critical and the required behavioral changes that the organization, the leadership and management must make in order to make these changes. When analyzing and making your assessments, you should relate your perspectives within the framework of the major managerial functions versus those of the leadership. You will need to identify the role of management in the change process and the management development initiatives that must occur to ready managers and the organization.

Each paper should be a minimum of 30 pages in length, double spaced, and should include a minimum of 20 peer-reviewed references properly cited. Failure to incorporate the minimum number of peer-reviewed references will impact your grade on this assignment. Your citations and reference page should follow APA format.

My topic: SPRINT – I work for this organization so if you have any questions about my role or the organization itself contact me and I will help answer any questions

General Criteria for Evaluation of Written Assignment:

Your paper is to be written in APA format.

Evidence of a logical and meaningful consistency in the structure of the response to the structure of the assignment, evidence of planned presentation having a clear flow from the beginning, through the middle, to the conclusion.

Evidence of having covered all parts of the assignment in the response.

Evidence of having developed the response from significant concepts and insights gained from the readings, drawing upon relevant theories, literature, and citing sources in APA form and style as appropriate.

Maintenance of pointed and clear relationships in response to the assignment, avoidance of digression from the main points of assignment, avoidance of boilerplate or filler material, and avoidance of redundant matter and educational jargon.

Depth and breadth of insight, reasoning, and understanding exhibited in response through the integration of thought and argument.



apply the key ideas relevant to management theory