Approaches to learnings


To develop holistic case studies of two pupils with whom you are currently working with.

pupil 1- Aged 7, attends h lower school. lives with both parents and two siblings. enjoys group work, doesn’t like individual work and struggles with understanding certain tasks. sometimes has a teaching assistant working with him for literacy and Maths. at play time he is very social able and has lots of friends. He is well behaved most of the time but becomes very frustrated when he doesn’t understand the work.

pupil 2- Very bright and intelligent, understands all work set. lives at home with his mum and one other sibling. he has 2 friends that he mainly plays with. at playtime he sticks with these two friends and doesn’t interact well with the other children. he is one of the quiet and reserved pupils within the class and doesn’t like group work at all. attends h lower school.

you are required to complete a case study looking at two pupils approach to learning. Your write up (3500 words) should be in four distinct sections.

break down of case study:

1. introduction and rationale
2. (a) presentation of key data collected from classroom observation
(b) Analysis of data
3. Discussion of appropriate teaching strategies.
4. General summary and conclusion


Approaches to learnings