Each of you should select an essay topic self-interested in from the list below. The essay report should have a minimum of 1,500 words and a maximum of 2,000, a title page, and references, all in APA style.  You should review, and cite (APA), at least five peer-reviewed articles in your essay, making sure to fully include all cited articles in your references.  Steps to follow for this assignment:
STEP 1: Select an international business-related topic from the table below (keywords/topics) for your essay – Let us assume your topic selection is “resource-based theory.”
STEP 2: Search and select FIVE peer-reviewed research articles from ResearchGate (http://researchgate.net), or Google Scholar (https://scholar.google.com). Each article must meet the following three conditions:
Top-level: “peer-reviewed journals”
Resource type: “articles”
Publication date: “desirably after 2017”
STEP 3: Read and synthesize the information from the articles you have selected. You should review these articles and synthesize the information from them to support your novel essay.
STEP 4: Proofread the manuscript and make appropriate references. On the last page, please make sure the five articles cited in the text are also listed in the reference section and complying with the APA style guide.
Selecting a topic
You should select an essay topic of your interest from the following list, or you may explore/develop any topic of interest, in which case you will need the instructors approval. List of topics to choose from include:

Agency theory
Comparative advantage
Competitive strategy
Cross-Cultural Consumer Analysis
Dynamic capabilities
Eclectic theory
Factor endowment theory
Institutional theory
Internalization theory
International Human Resources
Language & Multiculturalism
Leadership theory
Monopolistic advantage theory
National competitiveness
Organizational learning
Portfolio theory
Resource-based theory
Strategic choice theory
Systems theory
Supply chain management & logistics
Technological innovation theory
Transaction cost theory
Upper echelon theory

You should have a topic in mind by the beginning of the second module. Think about it, check out references and available materials and then forward the topic to your instructor for approval, to avoid too many repeats (more than three) of the same topic


Artical review