MGMT 4102 OB – Individual Written Research Paper Instructions and Topic

Each student will individually research and write a research paper no less than 10 pages but longer if necessary.

The topic is the impact AI (Artificial Intelligence) will have on your area of study, i.e. your academic major.

If your major is Accounting, your paper will be on AI Impact on Accounting.
If your major is General Business, your paper will be on AI Impact on US Businesses.
If not a Business Major or undeclared, your paper will be on AI Impact on US Businesses.

The research paper will include a title page/cover sheet, table of contents/outline, main body section, bibliography, and an appendix section if needed.

The 10 pages DO NOT include the title page/cover sheet, table of contents/outline, bibliography, and appendix. Put images, graphs, pictures in appendix section.

The paper and any additional files must be in MS Office Software format, i.e., Word, double spaced, one inch margins on all four sides, font and size are Arial 12, and use APA Style.

A zero grade will be given for any work not submitted in MS Office Software format or if the wrong file is submitted.

Grammar Errors. One or more points for each grammatical error will be taken off any course work, i.e. research papers, PPT Presentations, short written assignments, postings in D2L Discussions, TEAMS, business plans, etc.

Use the following structure for your research paper:

Part I    –  Introduction and Outline, on first page, state topic/title, student name, course name and section number. Put outline on second page. Outline must be detailed phrases or sentences, not single words. (5% of grade)

Part II – Definition, Brief History, Current Situation, Possible Future Growth/Decline. (25%)

Part III  –  Specific impacts as either threat (negative impact) or opportunity (positive impact), or both, on your area of study, major, i.e., Accounting, Finance, etc. (25% of grade)

Part IV  –  Strategies (plans of action) state what a professional/leader in your area should do to offset threats and/or take advantage of opportunities. These specific strategies should be both short term (1-3 years) and long term (greater than 3 years). (25% of grade)

Part V  –  Reflection Section This is one of the most important sections. Each student must write a small section (4-5 paragraphs) with three parts, at the end of the paper.
The three parts are:
1. what you learned about topic from doing the project, i.e., what you found new and/or interesting,
2. what you learned about the process (doing) the project, and
3. how you can use the information learned in 1 and 2 to enhance your professional and personal life. (15% of grade)

Do not just put in facts you learned about the topic, but how knowing these facts will make you a better professional and/or better person. This section is at the end of paper but before the Bibliography section.

Part VI  –  Bibliography.  See following for information on the bibliography. (5% of grade) 
–  Place the bibliography at the end of the paper and use APA Style.
–  The bibliography must have at least 25 sources, with only 5 being direct internet sites, as most internet sites are not very credible sources. Most internet sites are biased as the sites are made by private businesses, governments, or organizations which favor a certain view.
–  DO NOT use any encyclopedia, i.e., Wikipedia, or basic dictionaries for your sources.
–  Use academic articles from academic journals (best), professional/business and public magazines/newspapers, books, interviews, government sources, and internet sites.
–  Use current sources (less than 10 years old), unless a classic source, i.e., Drucker.
–  If you cannot physically go to a library, use the online CSU Library access to articles, books, etc. and through the GIL Member Libraries, nearly 30 Georgia University Libraries.
–  Using a library through the internet does not count as an internet source, as the online library is a data base. It is a road to take you to other sources, i.e., books, journal articles, etc.
–  If you use information in an internet site, it counts as a direct internet site, 1 of only 5 allowed.
–  If you use information from an article, magazine, or book listed/contained on an internet site, it counts as an article, magazine, or book source.

Due Date and File Submission
–  See syllabus for due date and time.
–  Title your file:  Semester – Section Number Title – your last name, your first name.
Example:  2021FA – Sec 90 AI Impact on Accounting – Smith, Judy.

Large Files
–  If file is too big for BRIGHTSPACE (D2L/DESIRE 2 LEARN) Assignments folder, email through CSU General Email or CSU OneDrive, before the due date. If using CSU OneDrive, give Dr. Garsombke permission. Contact HUB for help with CSU OneDrive.

–  Most internet servers are extremely slow in uploading files. Plan for 2-3 hours for large file.

–  Student Requests for Extensions of Due Date for any Semester Long Assignments: For any course work that is a semester long project, i.e., Individual Research Papers, Group Research Projects, etc., (following CSU Academic Policies) extensions of due dates cannot be granted unless the student can provide official written documentation that the reason, (i.e., medical) which prevented them from completing the work was for the entire semester.

–  Grading done during the following 2-3 weeks. After grading completed, final course grades available on date in CSU Academic Calendar.

These guidelines were prepared by Dr. Thomas Garsombke, 2021. All Rights Reserved. No part of this writing may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of the author


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