Biographical Profile
These are the questions and information related to the questions that you are to explicate with an extensive use of academic vocabulary.

Question 1 : when and how did you come to live on Staten Island.

Answer: The exact date we moved to staten island was october 27, 2001. I remember it because my baptism was on the same day 5 years prior. Also , after my mother being evicted, we moved into my grandmother’s apartment that was rather cramped until she saved enough money for a down payment on a house I am youngest of 7 children.

Question 2: how did you learn about CSI?
Answer: it is a community based college I heard by word of mouth

Question 3: what are your reasons for wanting to obtain a college education?

Answer: Aside from the fact I like to learn, in today’s job market it is difficult to find a good paying job that isn’t physically harmful to your body without obtaining a college education

Question 3: Why did you choose your major?

Answer: I am an accounting major. As stated by Professor Stillitano, there are only two things guaranteed in life, death and taxes. In general job security.

Question 4: Have you ever experienced any adversity in your life- either phsyical, personal, family, financial, or other?*Emphasis on this question*

My father has been incarcerated since i 5 and 1/2 months and will remain there until I am 26.

At 19 I suffered brain hemmorraghing (look up a little information so you can speak about it) difficult period in my life. For a year I was relearning everything I once new all over again from learning how to spell to learning how to drive and even learning how to think

On january 20, 2013 My mother past away from heart failure. She was sick never told anyone for three years. I did not know the severity of her condition because she’s had so many conditions procedure and surgeries, I expected her to snap right back. In the process of her surgery I was taking a winter class. With the demand of time on the class, I was only able to see her once during the week of her surgery and on that day her failed in front of my eyes


Biographical Profile