thesis title
Genetically modified food will eradicate hunger and famines because transgenic crops will result in a major increase in world food production.

Does the main body of the essay provide strong arguments that support the thesis statement and are backed by citations?
Are the paragraphs of the main body logically arranged, and does each paragraph provide only one argument in support of the thesis statement?
Did you provide a strong thesis statement in the introductory paragraph?
Did you demonstrate knowledge of applied molecular biology (proteomes, genomes, DNA Technologies) as it relates to the essay topic?
Does the concluding paragraph summarize your main arguments and provide an outlook?
Does the introduction arouse the readers interest?
Are your paragraphs connected in a logical flow of arguments?
Is the essay engaging? (Can the reader sense your personal style of writing?)

please note : i will give access to the text book to use or if you have access to vital source bookshelf