Brand Manager – Healthy Snacking Strategy Submission

Project description
Assignment 2 — Individual Response 2000 words maximum
“Brand Manager – Healthy Snacking Strategy Submission”
This assignment builds on Course Objectives 1, 2 and 3. It draws on the knowledge you have gained in brand salience / image (strengths and weaknesses analysis), price promotions and basics of financial literacy, and allows you to demonstrate your understanding of the concepts by putting them into practice.

**The Healthy Snacking Product Brief and Brand X Image Data is available to download from the course website.

Your current role is as Brand Manager of a small to medium sized brand currently stocked in supermarkets around Australia. A key aim of your current marketing strategy is to increase distribution of your brand. The product brief from Coles (Healthy Snacking Product Brief) arrives in your email early one Monday morning with a request to return your submission within a week! This is a great opportunity and as the Brand Manager this is going to require you to work across the business to draw together the intelligence you need to decide what you can offer Coles.

Your task is to choose a brand currently stocked on supermarket shelves in Australia to be Brand Manager of. Choose a product within your brand portfolio to focus on, the product will need to meet the Nutritional Criteria supplied in the Health Snacking Product Brief. Think about how the product could be modified and submitted to Coles to meet the Criteria for Healthy Snacking set out in the strategy document. The proposed product can either already meet the guidelines specified by the Coles brief or you can propose a modification to the product to meet the criteria (essentially a line extension of your current brand).

Part 1: Use the response template to prepare your submission for Coles.
Submissions will be marked on the appropriateness of the chosen product; whether the product meets the guidelines set; the rationale used to support / sell the product; the marketing support suggested including appropriateness of pricing and price promotion strategy.

Part 2: Brand image and price support document.
Given that this opportunity is your chance to get your brand stocked in 800 Coles stores you decide to provide some extra information to Coles on your brand’s image, the product price point and effectiveness of price promotion schedule you have suggested in the submission template.

Brand Strengths & Weaknesses
You decide to take the image data (Brand X Image Data) from your latest brand tracking study and submit this to Coles along with the template to show how your brand fits into a strategy aimed at health and convenience. Use the image data provided to perform a strengths and weaknesses analysis. Explain the results and the advantage of your brand. As Coles may be unfamiliar with the analysis technique be sure to include a section describing the rationale behind the analysis presented. (The data is available from the course website ‘Brand X Image Data’ and your brand is Brand X – for your submission rename X as your brand).

Price Point and Price Promotions
Image is one thing but being price competitive is another, explore the pricing in the category you plan to submit within (i.e. which category does your brand exist in – dairy, cereals, legumes etc.) and detail how you have priced your product. Also outline the most effective way you suggest Coles uses price promotions in the first 12 to 18 months of the new product launch. Provide a rationale to them for the plans that you provided in the response template in Part 1.

This section will be marked on the demonstration of your ability to perform a strengths and weaknesses analysis and interpret the findings to create a marketing argument for your brand to Coles, as well as your understanding of pricing and price promotion strategy.

In Part 2 of your assignment you will need to use and reference multiple journal papers and textbooks to demonstrate you have consulted a range of credible information.

Length: 2000 words, plus references. There is no ‘magic number’ of articles or references to use. Use the submission template for Part 1 and for Part 2 I recommend you use headings, because this will help your clarity in the assignment.

Use a recognised referencing style, for example Harvard.

I am expecting that the understanding of the issues in your assignment will reflect your prior exposure to marketing ideas in previous courses. In other words, the expected level is higher than that for a new marketing student.

Marking Criteria for Assignment 2
Evidence of understanding of literature and brand image / pricing concepts
Logical & convincing marketing arguments
Correct interpretations of published works
Original contribution to assignment (i.e. more than just re-presenting existing ideas)
Evidence of use of multiple published sources
Completeness (covered all parts of the assignment incl. example)
Presentation (spell checked etc); correct referencing

Submission of Assignments
All assignments should be submitted electronically via learnonline. Note that the use of learnonline ensures your assignment is submitted securely, and it may also be used as a tool to detect plagiarism.

Before submitting an assignment
keep a copy (a backup is imperative)
number and name the pages with your student ID


Brand Manager – Healthy Snacking Strategy Submission