Branding Development

Brand Management -Assignment Report -some guidelines

The task is to write a report on the branding strategy of an organisation of your choice.
Focus of Report

Firstly choose the organisation and its brand. You may decide to look at simply the corporate brand or a product/service line from it. This will depend on the organisation you choose. You might wish to choose an organisation you have access to and documents within it, or simply one that you have a good knowledge of or are interested in.

The focus is on the brand. Use various models/ and guideline lists from Kapferer and others to apply to the brand you choose.
Some possible Format ?headings?

Although it is best not to be too prescriptive in giving a ?pro forma? that hinders your creativity, it is crucial that you include some headings rather than an essay type continuous piece of writing. The following are some you might like to consider although you could also combine some of these, and please use wording that feels most natural for yourself (i.e not just a copy of my wording).

Introduction-simply and briefly about the organisation represented

Brand Elements-what is the assessment of the brand at present and historically, from possibly reports/case studies and your own analysis using techniques from Kapferer and others

Brand Strategy-by identifying the elements analyse their current/recent brand strategy

Marketing communications integration- how well is the consumer integrated into marketing communications of the brand-new media/WOM etc

Growing/sustaining the brand- what is the outlook for the brand

Conclusion-final summary of your analysis

Recommendations- for change/continuation of the brand

Bibliography-remember to include referencing in a bibliography and in the text of your report.




Branding Development