Branque Limited

Assessment Task 2:
For the task. You must first present a 300-word outline of the plan of your activity; this plan must be submitted during week tutorial

Branque Limited is a hypothetical company that specialise in selling antique products over 50 years old. Currently, all Branque’s business activities are conducted via the traditional methods. For example, all Sales activities are carried out at the company’s local store. Also, advertising and promotion are all paper-based.
The company is now looking to expand its marketing activities by using modern social media platforms, especially Instagram, in order to showcase the beauty of its products with the hope of attracting new customers.
As a group of e-marketers (maximum of 4), you have been hired by Branque to help with these activities.
You are to create a 15-second viral marketing video of antique products for Branque’s antique products of your choice or chosen.
You are then to present your idea in 15 minutes to Branque’s Board of Directors (in this case, your lecturer and fellow students), highlighting the steps in the development of your viral campaign, and ending with a showcase of your short video.

Learning outcomes to be examined in this assessment

Analyse methods of determining the size and structure of markets and of segmenting particular markets.

Evaluate strategies of promoting sales at different sales at different product types and services and identify the interrelationship to broaden company strategies.

Evaluate the extent to which the Internet aids modern working practices.
Demonstrate a critical awareness of the scope of e-commerce and its benefits in business and its practical and commercial limitations

Development of knowledge and understanding: detailed knowledge of major theories and awareness of a range of context and frameworks.

Cognitive/intellectual skills: analyse and compare a range of information; evaluation of techniques; reformat information towards a given purpose; application of key elements of a problem and choose methods for their

Key/Transferable skills: group working and interacting in a team; management of information and develop appropriate research activities; effective communication; resolution of problems

Practical skills: operate in situations of complexity and apply a wide range of techniques


Branque Limited