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The Rena maritime disaster in the Bay of Plenty

In the early hours of Wednesday, October the 5th 2011 the container ship, Rena, struck and lodged itself on the Astrolabe reef some 10 km from the entrance to the port of Tauranga in the Bay of Plenty.

What initially looked like a manageable incident unfolded into the largest maritime disaster in recent New Zealand history.

The organisation Maritime New Zealand lead responsibility for handling the response to the disaster but there were numbers of other organisations involved including the NZ government, local councils, a salvage company, wildlife rescue organisations and the media.

Using web and newspaper sources, students need to gather information that will allow them to analyse and answer the following questions:

Management philosophies and influence on current management practices

1. Outline the organisational structure of Maritime New Zealand in terms of its scope of operational responsibilities (Min 1 paragraph) 4 marks

2. Identify how 4 factors of Henri Fayol’s management theory applies to the structure and operation of Maritime New Zealand 4 marks

3. In what ways has the work of Frederick Wilmslow Taylor influenced how the disaster response is being coordinated? 4 marks

4. How has Maritime New Zealand made use of contingency management theories in its handling of this event? 4 marks




business managerment