In Unit I, you selected a topic and created the annotated bibliography. Using that research for this assignment, you will submit your first mini research paper on your chosen topic area of three of the 22 agencies under the Department

block chain

n Chapter 8 of Blockchain Revolution, Tapscott & Tapscott (2019) discuss potential adoption and utilization of blockchain by government bodies and agencies. The assignment this week will be to complete a Journal entry. A Journal is similar to a diary

Discussion 4

App development for mobile devices is both simular and different from development for desktop platforms. Navigation within an app has some of  these similarities and differences; different functionality is provided on different screens. App designers have to provide both the

Discussion 3

People are using their mobile phone browsers more and more every day to find information about businesses, make product decisions and purchases, and even determine the quality of a business based on what they can find online. Providing an optimal


You will develop a 500-to-750-word proposal for your principal that details your recommendations for a schoolwide implementation of Social Studies content into the Elementary, Middle School, and High School curriculum. o You will need to explain how you will collaborate