Module 2-Listening Assignment-Timbre


1. Consider how the Axial Age was a period of great thought, philosophy and change across the societies we’ve looked at. Many people think that we are living in times of great change now. Do you think our current age


Personally, the most interesting thing to learn regarding early human civilizations was the use of dance as a means of cultural, social, and spiritual significance. As a dancer myself, I found it particularly engaging to learn about how the ancient


1. Drawing from the readings, Alexander was truly great because even though he had taken the throne at a young age, he did not act as if he were unprepared. For example, Alexander was victorious in war.  Despite his father’s


1. Both Plato and Socrates were prominent authors whose works influenced and shaped ancient Greece’s ideology and perception of human nature. A common topic of interest for both authors was the analysis of the root of human evil, which produces warfare,


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