Select a rhetorical text. Using the concepts and theories from the course, analyze (not simply describe) the text. You are expected to conduct additional research, as well as apply concepts from the course readings. Ultimately, this paper must present an

Decorative Rocks

 How to hide the hatches of technical communications – a landscape designer faces this problem every time when developing a garden design project, because communication hatches should be in easy and quick access, which means – in the most conspicuous

Case Brief

You have no doubt seen the ways in which the Supreme Court made decisions that brought about significant change for the entire country. It is also true that the Supreme Court makes decisions that affect public administration and public policy.  For this assignment, you will focus on

Solutions n changes

Here are some options for you to choose from – to listen to, watch, or read  -and summarize the most salient points to share with others in the class.  It would be great if you also search for your own

Are you aware of your rights?

You have the right to ask that your Orlando criminal defense attorney be summoned to any police station if you are being held by them. After being detained by police, an attorney can explain to you your rights. An attorney


Topic 5  Write a paper that explores indigenous religions. After an introduction with a clear and focused thesis statement, set up a three-column chart: one column for the basic elements of religion; one for indigenous religions, and one for the

Summarizing Pollution

 Briefly summarize the human ecology topic from your research paper. This is what must be done Discuss your pre-existing mental model (your opinion or thoughts on the problem or solution prior to your research) and if your mental model has

Cause and Effects of Deforestation

  Present day forecasts and markers paint a somber standpoint for the planet and shockingly it is all because of human activities. Deforestation and the spread of desolate, parched and pointless land is expanding in speed and we are the

Provide an Example

  Provide an example of an issue in any context, i.e. environmental, social, educational, or financial (that has not yet been used in the course content or presented by your peers) and explain the factors contributing to the issue. Represent