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  English Literature: Undergraduate: Essay: English (U.S.): 2 pages/550 words:MLA 3 sources due in 2 hours  Using The Murder of Roger Ackroyd and ONE of the following other detective stories we have discussed thus far in class (The Adventure of


  PAPERTOPICS & INFORMATION (SUBJECT TO CHANGE! MAYBE UPDATED THROUGHOUT THE SEMESTER)2Safety/Cost/Environment Related Case-Using the library, internet, professional journals, newspaper archives, and other sources of current information, research a topic from the handout (linked below). Look at the topic from

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Biology Journal article summary

 This will be a critical review as discussed in class. Do not just summarize the paper. Explain which of the mitochondrial origins you feel is the most credible, and why. Also include why you feel each of the others is

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Unit 8 Journal biology

Instructions As you finish this course, look back and consider what you have learned. How will you use this knowledge in your professional or personal life going forward? Give at least two examples. Be specific and provide details in your