3/3 Application of GDP

Read Chapter 11 in Economics for Managers. As you read, think about how you might try to measure the economic output of a city, state, or even a country. Download and review the  PowerPoint file. In a two-page paper, address the following:


   Economic Effects of War – THE IRAQ WAR 2003-11 References:  1. Economic Consequences of Conflict: The Rise of Iraqs In formal Economy. (2006). Journal of Economic Issues (Association for Evolutionary Economics), 40(4), 9911007. 2. Lowther, A. (2009). Its the

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  Mini-Case #3: Chestnut Foods This case is similar to the last mini-case; you will be computing the cost of capital. However, this case has a unique twist; Chestnut foods does not just have one type of business; as you


 After reading the article Boeings Secret and watching the video How a Boeing 787 Dreamliner is Built, discuss if you believe Boeing is labor intensive, capital intensive, or both. Has Boeing established the network effect for their product? 

2/3 Economics of Scale

Read Chapter 6 and review Chapter 5 in Economics for Managers. As you read, think about the goods and services that your organization produces and what their production costs might be. Utilizing the following link, , explain how COVID-19 procedures have inhibited

2/2 Totaling Cost

Read Chapter 5, Production and Cost Analysis in the Short Run, in Economics for Managers. As you read, think about what it costs you to do some basic task. Download and review the  PowerPoint file. View the media: . This lecture presentation

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Imagine that you own a company, Optimus, Inc., which is funded with 40% debt and 60% common stock; there is no preferred stock in the capital structure. The debt has an after-tax cost of 4%. You have studied the Electrobicycle

2 questions

 answer the 2 questions  in 250 words , no plagarism in a simple word document sigle space 2. Which pricing strategies have you noticed when you shop?  3. What new products have you purchased in the last two years that