RISC Computers

Reduced Instruction Set Computers (RISC) have been around for a while. See what you can find online regarding the proliferation of RISC and where CPU technology is going in the future. You are not limited to the use of RISC


There are a number of digital crime resources including technological tools, various organizational and government resources, and educational approaches. The purpose of this discussion is to understand what resources are available that help identify the exposures and the effectiveness and


There are many different types of digital crimes, and their impact and implications can be very different. Similarly, the ability to prosecute can also vary dramatically. Digital crimes have been increasing at a rapid rate for several years. Many types

Facebook Security

1. As thoroughly as possible, describe the security components of your approved information system (FACEBOOK).  For discussion of server-side components, it is okay to make reasonable educated assumptions based on what you know about the typical configuration of the server-side