Topographic Map Basics

 Using a ruler and the map scale (1:24,000), determine the actual distance in miles between the points listed below. (If you are looking at the map on a computer screen, you’ll need to determine the map scale for whatever magnification

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 Find a recent news article (within the past 12 months) that describes the latest developments in a conflict, issue, or other major event in this the Southeast Asian realm. Provide a brief summary of the conflict/issue/event that your article describes,

Geography map

What kind of information is portrayed on your map? Would it have been possible to show the same information on a Globe? Why or Why not? What is the map projection? List two other types of map projections different from


What is a system? Identify two earth systems or subsystems and explain why you consider them as open systems. Using an appropriate example, explain how a change in one of the systems or subsystems you have identified could negatively impact

geog 310

  Answer the following questions. If the answer isnt in the video or article, you should use your notes from class, including the lecture video, and outside sources, such as Wikipedia. Please cite all your sources using the citation method


read book: p66-80     p45-51     p92-103     p51-60     p116-134     p180-200     p142-160 watch video:  topic 1 – activity 4.3      topic 2 – activity 4.5/4.7/4.9      topic 3 – activity 4.12/4.13/4.14    topic 4 – activity 4.17 watch video and answer question: topic 4 – activity


  create a map (using Google my maps) change the base map to Satellite Rename the title of the map to your name followed by your student id  rename the default layer to (Places I have visited) First layer: add