Please write a short story about this passage below. Please free-write a response to the story based on a theme of your choice. Try to notice and reflect on how the form contributes to a specific theme of your choice

Project 2

Project Two: Change Over Time Playlist. You will create a playlist of at least three songs from one artist that demonstrates an argument about a change over time in their career or artistry. To support this playlist, you will include

Cause or Effects of Postpartum Depression

Cause or Effects of Postpartum DepressionBrainstorming ListTopic:  Cause or Effects of Postpartum Depression -Depressed mood or severe mood swings-Difficulty bonding with your baby-Intense irritability and anger-Severe anxiety-Thoughts of harming yourself or your baby-Recurrent thoughts of death or suicide


This project involves analyzing a corporate or organizational sustainability document. In particular, you will investigate how the document makes claims about sustainability in general and how the document articulates its commitments/actions within the context of those claims. This analysis should

Gun control essay

“Write an essay (with introduction and conclusion) on the suggested topic.Your introduction should include the thesis statement – main idea of the paper (here is more detailed explanation – Don’t include any new information in the conclusion. It should