English homework

I need someone to do the homework about Prehistoric Art. – Watch the video The Lascaux Prehistory of Art and answer the questions you will find on the worksheet. (write the answers in your portfolio)  – Read the article Shamans

a pearl in the storm

I need two paragraphs.  One quoting a key helpful sentence (or two related sentences) from pages 211-214 and briefly explaining why you selected it/them. The other explaining a personal response to something that happens or is described in the book.

English story

   I need a paragraph with topic and support for this story, around 150 words, you are completing Part 1 of Amy Tan’s The Joy Luck Club, think about the problems faced by An-Mei, Lindo, and Ying-Ying as children, and


Deliver a persuasive speech on how communications can impact or change your career. This should include the following: 1- Introduce yourself ( career goals and why you took the communications class) my career gold is to become a nurse 2-Top

write a letter

  write a letter to either your Representative, Senator, or one of your State Legislators concerning a specific public policy. State your issue position clearly in this letter and then present an argument for why that elected official should support your

All Work Solver

Respond to David and Alicia post and share some observations or additional research you found regarding their country choices. David post Chosen Country: Greece Employment Law (Mywage.org, 2019) (globalizationpartner.com) Minimum wage set as of February 2019 There is no age

Course Name: System Analysis and Design

It is a priority that students are provided with strong disciplines and communities, linking research with Practice an Assignment where students will demonstrate educational programs and courses that allow them to be servant-leaders in their and knowledge with ethical decision-making.

heath problems

 Purpose  This assessment task addresses health problems as a societal issue. It requires you to integrate the role of the nurse with the building of healthy communities in order to expose you to the reality that nursing practice environments reach