Global health

Question: Do you think restriction on liberty is justified in reference to the COVID19 global pandemic? Why? Why not? The minimum word count is 350 words. The assignment is due on Sunday, 5pm. Cite at least one peer-reviewed article to support

Tradegy of the commons

Describe an example of the tragedy of the commons in your area.  Identify the natural cycle or system that is being impacted and any threats to the sustainability of a specific resource. Additionally, identify the people or organization that is

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Enhanced communication has allowed for the growth of networks of organizations.  What are the pros and cons of these new actors on the international stage?  Refer to both civil and uncivil networks- use specific examples that are different than the

Safety Engineering

For our final discussion board I am soliciting feedback on the course.  Please address each of the following: 1) what you enjoyed most about the course 2) what you did enjoyed least about the course 3) something you learned in the course that will be beneficial to

Safety Engineering

1.  Discuss the interrelationship between safety managers and safety engineers. In your discussion, include the roles and responsibilities of each, and give at least two examples of when the two professions interact with each other.Your response must be at least

Safety Engineering

This unit lesson focuses on evaluating residual risk.  Identify an ergonomic hazard with which you are familiar.  The hazard can be work-related or present within your home.  Discuss the level of risk you believe is associated with the hazard.  Also, discuss what can


In at least 250 words and three distinctive paragraphs, respond to the following: What steps have you put into place to ensure you turn in homework assignments on time? We all need a team to help us succeed, who is your support

Safety Engineering

Our unit lesson focuses on hazard controls for construction hazards.  The construction industry has some of the highest rates of injuries and illnesses. Discuss what factors you believe are most related to the higher rates.ALSO PLEASE REPLY TO ANOTHER STUDENTS COMMENT BELOW