Charlie Chaplin Question

To what extent does filmmaker Charlie Chaplins depiction of everyday life in Modern Times match the reality of American cities from 1877 to 1940? Readings The American Yawp, Chapter 23, “The Great Depression” Modern Times (1936 Charlie Chaplin film)

History Prompt 2

  I need you to Compare Barry Goldwaters 1964 speech to the RNC with President Johnsons 1965 speech at Howard University and answer the following questions. 800 words minimum. Double spaced MLA FORMAT. NO PLAGARISM NO SHORDY WORK. Barry Goldwater,

US History

 Please look for an article of your choice about the origins and meaning of the constitution; the constitutional convention; or the process of ratification. Please answer the following questions about your article: 1) What is the main argument of the


  he Road to the Civil War This is the story of America dividing along north/south lines, as slave states and free states become more and more hostile to one another. Expansion into the new territories acquired in the previous

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