In two or more paragraphs, answer the following question. Your answer should be single-spaced, in 10 pt. Times-Roman font. Be sure to answer the question thoroughly. (10 pts)  During the Renaissance, why was Humanism revolutionary for the time period? 

Discussion History

  What are the thesis and main points of Eric Cline’s argument? What evidence does he use to support his thesis? Which author — Aristophanes or Sophocles — has a more positive view of women? Give specific examples form the


This story is set against national turmoil and political unrest. A young man is culled from the population to serve as a resource for identifying insurgents. Really ponder the titles relevance to the story. Titles, characte names, and places are

Respond to peer discuss (CL)

respond in your own words to the peer response below: The frozen conflict in Eastern Ukraine has become one of intense disagreement. The Russian-inspired separatist factions in Eastern Ukraine (Luhansk and Dunestak) pose as threats to Ukraine’s sovereignty, territorial integrity,