Rip’s Family – American Literature

Please provide feedback to the following post: RE: BEFORE/AFTER RIP’S SLEEP 2. Rips Family.  Consider his wife and their relationship – and also his children and how they “turned out.” Rips’ wife nagged at him all the time about how

American Literature

MLA Citations Main Objective: To cite secondary sources in MLA Format Review the attached instruction information sheet. You will develop in-text citations and Works Cited citations for each of the references below. You are NOT required to locate the articles.

Literature #10 DB

Attached  Reflection, When the black man speaks, poem.    If a person is deprived of being heard, frustration, anxiety, injustice can result. In early television, the conclusion of a story showed a paralyzed man who was about to undergo an autopsy because medicine at that time could not see any evidence of life.  The man on the gurney

Week 5 Discussion

   Week 5 Discussion Book: Molloy, M. (2020). Experiencing the World’s Religions (8th Edition). McGraw-Hill Higher Education (US). Muhammad is known in Islam as “The Seal of the Prophets.” Why is this phrase of great consequence for Muslims?  What does

Algorithms discussion   Reflection Prompts: After watching the videos, consider how algorithms work and explain how societal stereotypes and biases might be perpetuated by algorithms. Provide at least one example of this. Several are mentioned in the second

American Literature

1.  Read the following in preparation for submitting written assignment 3: Textbook Nathaniel Hawthorne, pp. 651-655  “My Kinsman, Major Molineux,” pp. 655-668 “Young Goodman Brown,” pp. 668-677 “The Birthmark,” pp. 694-706

American Literature

1.  Read the following in preparation for submitting written assignment 2: Textbook Henry David Thoreau, pp. 900-902 Walden  “Where I Lived, and What I Lived for,” pp. 962-972 “Conclusion,” pp. 990-996 (beginning with “I left the woods . . .”)

introduction of literature

  Summarize Joyce’s “Eveline” For summaries, in 500 words simply explain the main plot events of the story, objectively. Do not analyze/offer opinions or evaluations. Gather the who, what, where, when, why and how, and after a short introduction, proceed linearly.  You may occasionally pull from direct quotation to color

No No Boy

   1) In No-No Boy, I argued that John Okada narrates Ichiros journey from a sense of nothingness when the novel begins to a movement toward wholeness when the novel ends. I also argued that Okada uses the idea of

3 short storys / Literary Analysis

Total 3 stories and each story write one full page of literary analysis.  There are three short stories “sacks”, “gazebo”, and “viewfinder” from the collection What We Talk About When We Talk About Love by Raymond Carver.  You’ll focus on