Unit 3 Discussion

Global Marketing Large corporations have traditionally been the major global competitors, but more and more small businesses are entering the global marketplace by the very fact of having an internet presence. In each case, the products must be sold using

– Pricing Strategy

– Pricing StrategyImagine that you work for a pricing strategy consulting business. Apple is your client. Think of a scenario that would result in your client seeking advice from your consulting business.  Pricing Strategies and Decisions.InstructionsDevelop a 2 page report

Marketing Plan

Week 4 Final ProjectSubmit your final project your marketing plan.Incorporate a globalization strategy into your marketing plan.  Compile all four sections of the marketing plan (i.e., assignments from Weeks One Four) you have developed throughout the course, and submit ONE


Week 4 Discussion 1: Integrated Marketing Communication StrategyFind a current ad in a magazine, newspaper, or on television and describe its Integrated Marketing Communication strategy using concepts found in the textbook – the goal of the promotion, which step in