GB Unit 3

Unit 3 algebra UMGC Jules Kouatchou Fall 2020 INSTRUCTIONS This assigment covers Sections 1.6, 1.7, 2.1, 2.2, 2.5 Please only use the Answer Sheet either to type your work or if you prefer to write your work and scan it.

College Algebra

Response Requirements: 1) Research and write about food deserts in the United States. Which communities are most impacted by food deserts? What areas in the United States are most impacted by food deserts? What are proposed or possible solutions to

Module 10 – Discussion 1

   For each of the following situations, decide which point of view would work best. Discuss with your classmates the advantages and disadvantages of using the first- and third-person points of view for each example:  The day you decided to

Module 9 Discussion Algebra

  Students are taking advantage of online degree programs in record numbers. In 2017, six million students enrolled in at least one online course to help advance their careers, change jobs, or fulfill personal goals. It should come as no surprise that

Week 6 Discussion

  Watch the video below in which Robert Ahdoot presents his approach to conquering math anxiety. In the middle of the video, Ahdoot provides his specific approach and examples that illustrate how he teaches math. After viewing the video, answer

Module 8 Discussion

  One of the main reasons for this struggle is they try to memorize. But when the problem changes, so do the steps, and students are left confused.  The key to success in algebra is to understand why youre doing

Math Discussion

  This week focuses on mathematical connections. Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: In your opinion as a future educator, what was one of the most important topics that we covered in this class? Explain your

Week 4 Discussion

Visit the websites , , and and spend time looking through what each website has to offer. In your own words, assess the websites What does each website offer in terms of help? (Provide specific examples from each site). What

Applied linear algebra

A quiz  Topics included: Solutions of linear systems of equations Elementary matrices Lower triangular matrices LU decomposition Vector and matrix norms Condition number Polynomial interpolation and Vandermonde matrices