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 This paper is anything that articulates and demonstrates a real-world problem that illustrates a calculus problem assignment that you worked on during this course.  There is no limitation, just follow APA 7th edition format.  A rubric will be used to


Topic 8    Complete problems 48 and 67 Complete problem 89 Show all of your work.  You may type in Word using Equation Editor or write neatly by hand and upload as a PDF.  Include copies of any graphs you

business calculus

I need to do chapter 1.1  problems 1-61 odd numbers only and 63-79 every other even number only. chapter 1.2 1-35 odd number only and 43-71 every other even number only.  circle the answers please, and show work or graphing. 


– Pre-calculus / Calculus level – 9 assignments: 79 total problems – $10/assignment – Private message me after bidding  – Completing ~2 assignments daily, in order (will provide a schedule) – Check attachment for math questions / topics

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Ordinary and Partial Dierential Equations Textbook: Elementary Dierential Equations and Boundary Value Problems, Boyce & DiPrima, 11th Edition Wiley Course Objective: In this course, we will study various types of ordinary dierential equations that occur naturally in science and engineering.

Economics Math

Anyone familiar with the concepts in this book SPECIFICALLY  :  Intermed Economics with Calculus – Hal R Varian, 2020 (Also attached below) As well as the workouts!  Chapters include: Budget Constraint, Preferences, Utility, Choice, Demand, Profit Maximization, Cost Curves,

MAC D4-1

(40 points) Discuss which would be a better investment if you were investing for a period of 5 years.  Please provide all details. Option 1:  $2000 invested at 6% compounded quarterly Option 2:  $2000 invested at 2% compounded continuously (40

Calculus 1 Project

  Project: Real-World Application in Calculus I (related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and/or Mathematics) 1. Submit one real-world application and the complete solution that each requires concepts in Calculus I in order to solve. 2. The real-world application and its solution


In this chapter, you were required to use many skills from algebra.   Discuss one topic from algebra you used in completing exercises from this section. (40 points) Give an example of a business calculus exercise that required the algebra