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The Golden Ratio is often denoted by the Greek letter phi:  .  Its exact value is 1+52 which is approximately equal to 1.618. In this chapter, we saw how successive quotients of the Fibonacci Numbers get closer and closer to the

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Please read the WORD document then try to finish the Excel work. (Only the red part, named “Shock to assumption). For EXERCISE the objective will be to quantify the impact of a credible worst-case pandemic risk scenario developed during the

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IT205 Numerical AnalysisREQUIRED WRITING ASSIGNMENTASSIGNMENT:Write a paper on any of the four topics below.1. The impact of computer science on methods of learning2. The fears about artificial intelligence security, privacy, etc. – Are they justified?3. Using Mathematical Models to Solve


Answer the questions below… Login to MATLAB Try the following: cut and paste in MATLAB a few lines a ta at time: % chars hold single characters c1 = ‘A’ %————————————————————- % class displays the data type class(c1) %————————————————————- %