Critical Analysis

According to the course materials, if men and women are not naturally opposite, then why do they act so differently so much of the time? include and bold terms sex v. gender, socialization, doing gender, gender rules, and gender policing.


For your initial post, you will present at least two viewpoints debating professional approaches to assessment used in psychology for your assigned age group. Please see the list below for your assigned age group. In addition to the required reading,

Create a PowerPoint Presentation to illustrate the following questions:

Create a PowerPoint Presentation to illustrate the following questions: In examining psychological research; What are the strengths and weaknesses of descriptive, experimental, and correlational research? What are Institutional Review Boards? What are the common ethical guidelines for doing research with people?  PowerPoint Requirements. Include title

Psy 223 Two Worksheet

 In this milestone, you will submit Milestone Two Worksheet. Address the following:  1. Indicate sample size (n = ?), and describe what consequence(s) this sample size will have in terms of analyses and reporting.  2. Using the Choose Your Test


Discussion 1 In your discussion post discuss various topics related to a cultural, psychological, and spiritual components in care of a patient. Please do not use previous course work. Include evidence base practice- what does the literature tell us we

middle childhood

 post an analysis of the child at school. Explain the influence of the individual child (including personality development, temperament, and learning style), family, and broader social forces (e.g., culture, SES) on the school experience. Conclude your post by offering your

COUN 6810S: Working With Exceptional Children

 Post a description of a potential family concern regarding Samanthas education and educational priorities. From a school counselors perspective, identify at least one resource that might be helpful to address this concern or question for the family. Then, explain how


Current Events represent the opportunity for the student to apply their learning in Social Psychology to events of current interest.  Current events include news worthy issues of local, national or international interest such as racism, gun violence, plummeting price of