Any topic (writer’s choice)

Please, this essay will have a thesis statement that will be defended with arguments and evidence. It must be clearly designated by being underlined. The primary source is Scriptures pertinent this topic. Also, use 3 books and 3 on-line sources

View Point Paper

Reference Book Chapters: 81-87 of  A Dispensational Theology by C.F. BakerReference Book Chapter: 11 of Know Your Bible by S. Craig MacDonald Articulate your understanding of Dispensational theology and your own beliefs regarding such theology. Defend your understanding of theology

Religion and Science

Expository Essay (cf. Appendix A, due Week 4).  Read the following article and reflect on the relationship between science and religion.Garber, Daniel. “Religion and Science, Faith and Reason. Criterion (University of    Chicago) 41, no.1 (2002): 2-9.  (Cf. Course Content,

Gospel of Matthew

we use this book: Mueller, J.J., S.J., ed. Theological Foundations: Concepts and Methods for Understanding Christian Faith. Winona, MN: Anselm Academic, 2011. But you can Answer the questions below from Gospel of Matthew found anywhere online or text Answer these