6520- Wk 1 blog

In this course, you will have 11 Blog Assignments in which you will first post your responses to blog prompts on social work field education experiences and then respond to three other colleagues regarding their blog posts each week. The


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RovF1zsDoeM https://one.npr.org/?sharedMediaId=536049556%3A5379780041. How does the song relate to the PROP lens and this week’s readings, podcasts, videos and resource materials?2. Offer two to three points of reflection on this week’s song.

6311- Week 6 discussion

Dudley (2020) points out that social work practice is usually embedded in programs. While you looked at practice evaluation using single-subject design in Week 3, this week, you shift focus to program evaluation. Program evaluation serves many purposes, including accountability


Review the parallels of the ecological view of trauma recovery and the three levels of trauma stewardship; what resonates most with you as you think about the ways you have navigated through places of school, work or personal life that

Juveniles and Gangs

This week we look at the infamous MS 13 gang and gang influence. We also in look at the government’s response to it in the context of Trump’s policy which includes immigration issues and the rights of juveniles in general.