investigation brute-force attack using SIEM

Topic: Log mining for security breaches identification.The growth of unstructured messages generated by computer systems and applications in modern computing environment poses a significant challenge in managing and using the information contained in the messages. Although these data contain a

Physics in Basketball

Audience :Peers in your field (civil engineering) A literature review assembles and synthesizes current contributions to academic knowledge about its topic. You can think of a scientific literature review as a kind of bibliographic essay or a survey of the

IEEE research paper

a review paper, in the form of an IEEE conference paper on an alternative to silicon as a material for semiconductor-based electronics. (have at least 4 references that come from the peer-reviewed literature. Journal papers are the best choice, but

cultural self analysis paper

    Sir David Cannadine (2013, as cited in Jandt): There are six main forms of regulators of social networks of human life: religion, nation, class, gender, race, and civilization.Choose one of the regulators of identity mentioned in Jandt Chapter 1