Build the relevant graph, chart, etc then write one page answering the questions.

Note about HOMEWORK Assignments; Please review the assignment carefully; the assignment is a full one page paper explaining the tool and the execution of the too

Second page must include a CAUSE AND EFFECT DIAGRAM

Your paper should be 1 full written page PLUS your graph, chart, etc. (not including your title page and reference page) submitted in APA format. I posted a template in the Files section. Please complete your own graph and do not copy and paste one from the text or internet. If you don’t have graphing software or excel, please just do your best. You can even draw it by hand and upload a picture.

Your team has been given the charter to make recommendations for improving the cleanliness of the companys restrooms. The team has finished compiling a list that it considers to be the possible contributors to less than desirable restroom cleanliness:

Janitor service            Use of paper towels      Lack of paper towels
Slobs                                        User carelessness          User attitude
Janitor attitude              Paper dispensers            Poor lighting
Too small                            Unreliable plumbing      Type of floor material
Janitor pay            Management inattention    Janitor supervision
Air conditioning            Insufficient exhaust            In-house plumbers
Cleaning materials    Cleaning equipment            Paper receptacles
Maintenance                    Cleaning schedule          Leaking faucets
Janitor procedures   
Construct a cause-and-effect diagram incorporating all these ideas


Cause and effect