challengers for operations manager

Paper instructions:
Organisations are open systems and thus cannot operate in isolation. They are impacted continuously by external factors. Operations managers should continuously develop strategies in order to mitigate the impact of these factors. These constitute some of the biggest challenges to operations managers.
Discuss the challenges faced by operations managers and the strategies adopted by them in order to meet these challenges. Your discussion should refer to one particular industry (e.g. Sugar Industry in Mauritius).
Your answer should include the following:
? An introduction

? A short Literature review of around 1000 words on Operations Management and related issues. You are expected to reference whatever material, which is not yours. Use the Harvard referencing system to reference them. Also don’t just have online source. Items from journal articles are expected. They should not date prior to 2008.
? Some of the factors and hence challenges to operations managers are:
• Rising price of raw materials
• Rising cost of production
• Scarcity of required type of labour
• Globalisation of competition
• Intensification of competition
• Competition from low cost producers
• Increasing customer expectations: Demand for higher quality product and service
• Greater awareness as regards environment protection
• Pressure from environment protection groups
• Change in technology
• Increasing influence of social media
• Change in laws
• Trade barriers
• Ageing population
• Innovation and demand for new products
• Flexibility of production system
You are expected to discuss some of the factors, which you think , are having an impact on the industry you choose to discuss. Not all the factors above are applicable to the chosen industry.
However you are expected to discuss at least eight factors.
• For each factor write a small paragraph on it, supported by material you have gathered from literature review and same to be referenced. Discuss the importance of this factor, its impact on firms in the industry, the challenge it provides, the response of operations managers in order to meet this challenge and how successful they have been.
The discussion on each factor should be of a minimum of 250 words.

? Conclusion: Write a small conclusion, indicating whether operations managers of firms in the industry are able to meet the challenges.

? List of references




challengers for operations manager