Christian World View
1. Consider one of the following questions: (1) Why do Christians consider the Bible to be God’s Word? or (2) What does it mean that Christians believe the Bible is God’s Word? How does a Christian view of the afterlife, as presented in the Bible, compare to the view of the afterlife in any other worldviews studied in this course? Refer to readings and the “Restoration” flag of “The Story of the Bible” for guidance. (


2. How would you explain how a good, loving, and all-powerful God allows suffering and evil in his creation? Cite an example of suffering and/or evil and how you interpret God’s role in that event.


3. It seems clear that a worldview can be better determined by actions rather than by words, especially if there is a discrepancy between the two. In what area(s) have you observed that people say one thing but act in a totally different way? Please explain.

4. In light of the topic of sexuality this week, click on the link for the “Marshmallow Test” video. What insights can be gained from this video? In what ways do immediate and delayed gratification apply to worldviews and lifestyle? Choose one worldview studied in this course and discuss its approach to sexuality and compare it to your worldview?
Example: “The Marshmallow Test is an experiment with preschool children to see if they can wait for a full reward and delay gratification. They are in a room where a facilitator explains that they can have one marshmallow immediately or they can wait for an unspecified amount of time until the facilitator comes back and gives them a second marshmallow. The real fun starts when the facilitator leaves the room and the camera keeps rolling. The children look at the marshmallow in front of them, smell it, or try to nibble around the edges of the marshmallow. This and other physical evidence show that this is no easy task. Those who wait for the facilitator to return get the second marshmallow. Those that pursue immediate gratification and eat the first marshmallow already have their reward. The other end of the study is conducted some 20 years later. Generally, those preschool children who waited for the second marshmallow were more successful than those who could not wait for the facilitator to return.”

Answer one of the following questions:
1. Have you learned that you have some beliefs contained in other worldviews covered in this course that you did not expect?
2. Have you become even more convinced of your belief system after taking this course? Why?



Christian World View