Choose a Cloud Services Platform (Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure) and will give a brief overview of
A General overview of the Services Offered
A detailed description of Amazon E2C (Elastic Compute Cloud) or the Azure Compute Offerings
A Detailed description of the cloud storage options available on each platform (e.g. for Amazon S3, EBS and EFS)
A Detailed description of One other class of service offered (Database, IoT, etc).
A comparison of the 2 platforms listing the advantages and disadvantages of each platform (Azure or AWS).
Your presentation should give details on how a business can benefit from the services you describe. Be detailed and specific.

Optional – A brief discussion on (any or all)  the DOD JEDI contract, IBM Cloud offerings, or Security Concerns with Cloud computing (for extra credit)

The presentation will consist of a PowerPoint along with a list of all sources used. The sources may be separate from the presentation.


Cloud service presentation