You recently became the president of your local Community Improvement Association. The first agenda item you have to resolve is building a community swimming pool. Before you start to design your presentation, you will need to analyze the audience (community members). Select one of the categories below and explain how that information about the audience would affect the design and delivery of the speech. Thoroughly explain why.

Age of audience
Audience attitude about the community pool
Socio-economic status of the audience
Remember to answer each part of the question with a minimum of one paragraph that is 5-7 sentences with limited grammatical errors. Also, respond to at least one of your peers with one 5-7 sentence paragraph.

Reply to student Halie

Hello everyone, I choose to discuss how the age of the audience would affect the delivery of my speech. I know that my community ranges from children to senior citizens. For my speech, I would research the ages that would attend my presentation. Knowing my audience’s age would help me select the level of details, the type of language, and the visual aid I would use. For example, if I’m presenting my speech to an audience consisting of mostly teenagers, I would not only include how the pool would benefit the whole community, but I would also add more information about how this could benefit teenagers. I would use examples of how they could use the community pool to relax with friends or use it as an after-school activity.