community-based nutrition project

Scenario: You are employed as a Community Public Health Nutrition Expert [working in a community you are familiar with eg Brisbane North, NGO in a region in a developing country etc]. The Manager has just returned from a meeting where she has been told that the Government wants to make nutrition a priority issue for the next 5 years and will soon announce some grants. You are asked to prepare a proposal that focuses on a particular nutrition issue and target group.

Examples would include:
• iron deficiency in pregnant women
• Child malnutrition in a remote community.
(Choose one option)
You could refer to nutrition related agendas, recent publication (such as The Lancet Maternal and Child Nutrition Series) or other similar documents to guide you in selecting the topic and target group.


• Proposal Statement: Brief statement of proposal, including geographic area and specific population groups to be targeted.
• Background: Justify choosing the priority health issue in your community and rationale for selection of your target group; include references to literature, statistics, other relevant data to provide background and support your proposal, for example from authoritative sources such as the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
• Aims and objectives of the project.
• Rationale for proposed strategy: Justify the strategy proposed, including: a summary of the main influences associated with the nutrition issue in your selected target group; the key influences to be addressed in the proposal; a brief review of relevant literature on the evidence for effectiveness; the health promotion model being used; and/or other supporting information to justify your selection of strategy.
• Proposed strategy: Outline the proposed strategies, actions and programs.
• Risks of program failure: A short list of major risks and your recommendations for preventing these by creating conditions for success.
• Plan of operation: Describe how the program will operate. Identify who will be responsible for each strategy/ action/ program (ie the organisational unit who will be responsible), and a timeline for implementation.
• Evaluation plan: A short description of how you would propose to conduct a process evaluation to monitor the implementation of the program.
• Program sustainability: Steps you would take to increase the likelihood of program sustainability or institutionalisation.

Note 1: Budget and Technical Appendices are not required.
Note 2: Although in the real world, more than one strategy may be used to tackle this problem, you are asked to focus this proposal on one major strategy only.
Note 3: these points can be used as sections to structure the report, but variations on this are acceptable as long as these points are covered in the report.
Note 4: please add the word count to title page of the assignment; figures, tables and references are not included in the word count



community-based nutrition project