Community Engagement strategy


1. Choose a context where a need for change could be identified and explain the change that is needed and why it is needed. What are the social justice or political issues associated with this change initiative?

Articulate a theory of change that is congruent with the change endeavor. This is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your knowledge from the first part ofthe semester and integrate it with information from the second half ofthe semester.

2. Describe how you would determine who the community is and the major stakeholders. Develop a plan for a community engagement strategy describing a range of ways to engage stakeholders in this change process.This is your plan/ strategy or action plan component.

3. Identify and discuss the barriers and risks that may be experienced and how you might overcome these. This shows your ability to forshadow potential problems on the basis of a sound knowledge of engagement and a risk assessment. Your paper must clearly articulate the principles that guide
your strategy (you only need to choose a few) and consider how this community engagement process could contribute to a broader community development initiative. – How could this be part of a broader longerterm project?

4. Conclusion: provide a final synthesis that shows how the change initiative and the process of your engagement now informs your understanding ofthe terms ‘community engagement, community development and change.

5. Synthesis statement of your understanding


Community Engagement strategy