Overview: You are spending the middle part of the semester (Weeks 3 to 9/10) doing participant observation research. You are observing a group in which you are participatingnamely, your subcommittee. Careful observation can lead to interesting insights. As a participant observation researcher, you are collecting and recording data by writing journals. These journals serve as one source of data for this assignment.

Directions: Individually, you will write a case study paper analyzing your subcommittee experience. In your paper, you will discuss 3 communication topics (concepts and/or theories) explored in class and in the readings and apply those topics to your subcommittee experience. This paper is an opportunity for you to examine how various aspects of communication (organizational, workplace, group and interpersonal communication) played out in your subcommittee experience.

Step 1: you need to select 3 or 4 communication topics you will focus on in your analysis. You should choose from the following list:

Decision Making/Problem Solving Culture

Leadership Communication Climate

Roles Nonverbal Communication

Conflict Management Listening

Stages of Group Development Communication Networks

Communication & Technology

(other topics are okay if approved by the Committee Chair)

Step 2A: for each topic you select, you will need to define* and explain the communication topic (concept or theory). This element shows your understanding of the concept and its importance in a group experience. You are required to use (and summarize) at least one scholarly source for each topic you pick that helps with your explanation, analysis and application.

[*Note the definitions you use in your paper should not come from a standard dictionary, rather they should come from an appropriate scholarly and/or academic source.]

Step 2B: then, apply the communication topic to your subcommittee experience. Be sure to provide specific examples from your subcommittee meetings to show that you understand and can apply the concepts to your own experiences. This is why your journal writing is vital.

Step 3: you will analyze and evaluate your own performance as well as your subcommittees performance working on the training presentation. In your paper, you will also recommend changes you would make to your own interactions and communication with a group the next time you are involved in a group (subcommittee) project.

Due Date: Thurs., Nov. 18

Grading: Worth 70 points. Papers will be graded on grammar and form as well as content. Please proof read your papers. The grading rubric is attached to this assignment description.

Length: 7-9 pages, and absolutely no more than 12 pages. This case study paper will be typed, doubled spaced, and cited appropriately. You must use 11 or 12-point font and 1 inch margins.

Sources: You are required to use at least 4 different scholarly resources in this paper, including at least 1 research study from peer-reviewed journal. You are required to have one resource for each communication topic you discuss in your paper.

Note: You may not use a website or a blog as a source for this paper. You may use our course textbook, required posted readings, and class notes as resources.

Be sure to include a works cited/reference list at the end of your paper. The references/works cited page is in addition to the 7-9 pages of the paper. Your sources should be cited properly both in the paper and in the references/works cited list using either APA or MLA guidelines.

uggested Outline:

I Introduction

II Body of Paper

A – Concept I

B Concept II

C Concept III

D Evaluation of Self and Subcommittee

E Recommendations for Next Time

III Conclusion

IVWorks Cited


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