Coursework Assessment information

1. Please see the document of “Coursework Assessment information”.
Please see the question, and after this page, you can see the recommendation list. So please use these links for the reference.

When you write the reference and reference list, please see the document of “Harvard style reference”. It is written how you need to write the Harvard style reference.
Further, in the essay, we need to put reference every sentence. If the reference is a few, I will not have good mark. So, please put reference as you possible. Also, in the reference list, please use lots of reference.

2. Essay must be based on lecture slide.
Please see lecture slide, and we need to use all information of lecture slide in the essay. So please do not miss anything from lecture slide.
Of course, we can put other information, but basically, we need to show what we have learnt in the school.
So, please put information in the essay of every slide of information.

Finally, I am not native English speaker, so please when you write the report, please write the sentence as easy as possible?
Because I also need to understand what is written…

Thank you again for your help, and if I find some sources for reference, I will put as well.

And for this coursework, I need to produce the poster as well. So please make a poster, and also explain about what you wrote.
Furthermore, please answer the question of a) and b) of assignment1.
And see criteria which group presentation feedback sheet.-Assignment criteria.


Coursework Assessment information