Create a Brief How-To Guide

For this assignment, you are a manager for Global Technicians, Inc. Several of your clients have adopted an operating system that is new to their organizations. In the past year, Global Technicians, Inc. has received several complaints from clients, including the service being inconsistent, sloppy, and difficult to understand from your personnel. To recapture the confidence of the clients, the management team has decided to offer explicit guides for the personnel to follow and for clients to use themselves.

Create a brief how-to guide that help-desk personnel could send to customers and clients. Or, the help-desk personnel could refer to the guide, which would ensure that the help-desk personnel do not skip any steps while describing a task to a customer or client over the phone.

Include at least three tasks that help-desk personnel are likely to ask clients to perform over the phone. Use an application that you prefer. Consider using Microsoft PowerPoint or another presentation application. Try not to spend too much time on a layout—consider using an available template from Microsoft or another vendor. Include screen shots and explicit and accurate instructions for each step. Remember not to skip a step. The clients are already frustrated, and you do not want to make it worse. Choose three tasks from one or more of the following categories:

• A control-panel task (or System Preferences for Mac OS)
• How to connect a peripheral device
• Searching for a file or folder
• Setting up a new folder directory
For each of the categories listed above, include a specific destination and purpose. For instance, if you choose control panel task should direct users to ONE of the control panel items.

Include the following criteria within each task:
• The name of the operating system (OS)
• A name for the task
• How much time the task requires to complete
• At least one reason a user would need to perform the task
Create and save all three tasks in one file, so that it is be one guide.

The purpose of this assignment is for you to demonstrate the ability to list the steps to perform three key tasks within an operating system or key tasks to connect peripheral devices. Plus, it allows you to practice making guides (or manuals) for the applications or custom systems that you create. As a leader, it is always a good idea to have a backup plan. If you were on vacation for a week, will the organization be able to facilitate any issues that arise while you are away? With a guide, you provide others with that opportunity and the ability to contribute to your project.

Format the guide using your own words, and prepare the guide in a word-processing application or presentation application (i.e., Word or PowerPoint).



Create a Brief How-To Guide